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Since 1999 this is the third site that has been created.  As with the previous sites this site is not just for the locals, but it is the local site for the 'greater' Girvan area.  


Where there are new websites, we will link to them rather than re-produce their content here.  That way the best and most up-to-date information will always be available.  If we have missed your website and you want a link please let us know.

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Girvan Online has been re-fitted and relaunched in August 2012 with a new look and a new focus on making it the best possible site to represent this vibrant South Ayrshire community.


The site has news, events details, features, forum and photos to appeal to Girvan residents, workers, visitors and tourists alike.


With a big focus on being a community site, Girvan Online is keen for people of all ages to become involved and there are many opportunities to do so - whether you'd like to submit news stories, tell us about events, add your Girvan pics to the gallery or chat on our friendly forum - we welcome you all.


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